About Us

When I started recording little videos to show my personal guitar collection on MojoCaster.com, I had no idea that they were going to be that popular. In fact, I didn’t really think that anyone but my Grandma would watch them! Come to find out, on the first day, I became the 20th most downloaded musician on YouTube… So I started thinking that it would be fun to provide videos for guitar players who, like me, are not about to threaten Joe Satriani any day soon… the idea for Three-Chord Guitar was born.

The concept is simple: to help guitar players learn new songs and continue to enjoy their guitars via the use of videos. I will try and simplify the songs to a maximum so that they can be learned in 10 minutes. I am no guitar genius myself, and I know that I will never be a rock star – though that has a nice ring to it! But playing the guitar is fun, even if my only audience is my two cats in my downstairs home studio, and learning a new song is always fun. In short, I am here to share the fun!

This site is free, and I intend o­n keeping it free until I can’t pay for the hosting fees anymore… so please spread the word if you enjoyed what you saw!

In the words of the great Vince Gill,
“it’s what you give away!”




  1. Mojo
    I have been a huge fan of yours for some time now! You may not realize it, but your teaching style freakin’ rocks! I guess it helps that you have the same tastes in music as I do. Loved it when you covered the HOSS’s “Can’t ya see” I played my Martin til’ my fingers where gonna fall off!
    I search youtube for all kinds of guitar lessons but I always come back to yours my friend! I am trying to get my 5 year old son interested in guitar and he evens enjoys watching your videos.
    Keep up the good work! If you are ever in Raleigh, NC shoot me an email because I feel I owe you a beer or four. 🙂

    Jeff Berry
    Raleigh, NC

    • You got a deal, Jeff… a beer or four would be fun 🙂

  2. Mojo
    I have been a huge follower of your videos since I started playing the guitar 2 years ago. If you ever find yourself in Dublin Ireland, I definitely owe you a few pints of Guinness!! One intro I would be interested to get your view on is to Romeo & Juliet (Mark Knopfler). Definitely the best site anywhere for picking up riffs – keep it going.

    Best regards from Ireland


    • I love that opening riff… I’ll see what I can do!

      • mojo,hi what happened to the romeo and juliet intro

  3. Found this site by accident while watching some Billy Gibbons videos on YouTube. Great site for new players (I have played Bass most of my life, but finally decided to learn guitar).

    Your videos are helping to keep the practice sessions more interesting than just playing scales (I know it needs to be done….doesn’t make it fun though).


  4. hi mojo i just got my first guitar and didnt have a clue to any chords….i can actually play a little now thanks to your videos..i was wondering if you could post teardrops on my guitar by taylor swift..thank you

  5. have you done just breathe by pearl jam yet great song


  6. Hi Mojo,
    sorry I haven’t visited your page for a while!!! Today I did and I was surprised by the new appearence- great job!!!
    Your stuff is still as good as it had been, I learn a lot from it- thank you!
    I started playing guitar after 30 years of not playing one year ago, and I still play every day,because I get lots of impressions by guys like you!!
    So,if you ever come to Germany,step in!!!

    • Ah, Germany, one of my favorite places to live. I wish I could pop in! 🙂

      • Hi Mojo,
        you are very much wellcomed if you ever come to Germany.
        This year- in summer- I will be in CA, nearby S.D.

        What about a meeting???

  7. hi Mojo,
    i am a french fan since 2 years ago.
    i stay all the day on your site, you are very incredible.
    continue your work
    (sorry for the language!!)


    • Merci Fab! Soit dit en passant, je suis francais egalement 😉

  8. Hi Mojo i would just like to let you know that i like your site and use it lots do yo think you could fix the problem with the ACDA back in black video


  9. Hey Mojo,

    I have a favor to ask you. I live in Afghanistan and would like to spend my free time learning how to play guitar but …. I cannot watch videos (internet too slow…). However, I seem to be able to download (with patience) video files (mp4 format…). Would it be possible for you to send me your video files of you teaching how to play U2 songs ?

    Please let me know,



  10. Found your site a few months ago. Great place. Leanred a few songs already. I’m trying to learn the intro to eagles “take it easy’. Do you know it.
    Yes,I will send a donation in.

    • I do know it and will plan to make a video soon 🙂

  11. Hi there,

    The videos on youtube are great, but is there anywhere I can download them to my computer?

    I am using up all my download allowance by watching them on youtube all the time!

    Thanks in advance,


    • Sorry, I don’t make them available in any other format at this stage, but I am planning on a DVD release this year.

  12. Mojo,
    I just want to take some time and tell you how much I appreciate your website and GREAT tips on playing the guitar. I just picked it up recently and am having a blast learning from your website.
    Keep up the GREAT work.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words!

  13. Mojo, I was wondering if you could do a video on how to play Guns N Roses Patience. I found some basic chords using C,D,G,A and Em. I am a beginner player but I am getting to learn my chords with the help of your website. I have a difficult time learning how to strum on most songs….I just don’t get it yet. Your website is very insightful and most fun to learn from. Just a thought….

  14. Dear Mojo,
    You are an inspiration. I love your website and your tutorials are fantastic.
    You have taught me so much and you are such a good guy.
    Keep up teaching us to Rock!

  15. Love the site so far! Learning plenty of new songs….I was wondering. Have you ever thought about publishing tabs with your videos? You hit the chords on the head with all of them as far as correctness, but they might not always be generic to what a chord generator would tell you and it would be great to have the tab alongside of your tutorial!

  16. Mojo,

    I found your site on youtube and it was totally by accident. I am a 41 year old disabled veteran and I have wanted to learn how to play all of my life but I didn’t think I could learn so I just let it become an unrealized dream of mine. As my health continues to fail I decided that I didn’t want to look back and have any regrets. So after watching some of your videos I decided to try. Last week I ordered an inexpensive fender acoustic and I will be watching your videos daily until I learn to play guitar. I thought that you needed to know that you are talented and not at just guitar, but god has given you the talent of caring enough to teach otheres. So please understand that you have given me and I am sure many others like me the courage to try. Keep up the good work and may god bless you and your family.

    • Mark, I cannot thank you enough for the kind and generous words you wrote. You made my day for sure, at a time where my personal life is in a lot of turmoil. Thank you for taking the time to send this note. I wish you the best and thank you for your service. Take good care, Mojo.

      • Damn, you both just made me cry. Thanks to both of you.

  17. Awesome!
    I stumbled on this site by accident following a link from you tube. I have paid for courses on my disk and been halfway playing the guitar badly for years. This is the VERY best resource I have ever seen, and it’s free! What a guy! If you ever run out of dough to host it yell, and you can park o one of my machines for free! Not joking. Like the guy above, I’m a 52 yo ex grunt and a bit wobbly in my dotage! So finally getting the hang of my Strat with your help is a blast! Ever in QLD Australia shoot me some mail and the beer is on me.


    • Thanks friend, I am glad to be of assistance 🙂

  18. Hey Mojo, how goes mate,

    A big Hi from Scotland,just to say your site is brilliant!! It really is! I recommend it to everyone I know that plays guitar, even the lifers,

    I had just started leaning guitar a year and a bit ago and was looking for DS:sultans of swing tab/chords. To be honest after watching a couple of videos and not having a clue about those little dots on the lined paper was, I was gutted and was going to give it up as a a bad job, then I clicked on your video with no real intention of watching it through, I couldn’t have been more wrong, I swear I was playing the riff by the end of your video and then confidently within an hour and it’s the first riff I’ve leaned and the first riff I play as soon as I pick up my guitar, never gets old! I don’t know if it’s your teaching style or what but I swear these are the best instructional videos I stumbled across. I haven’t seen another video that teaches Clapton’s Layla in like 10minutes, fantastic mate, I always check your site first when looking for stuff to play and then end up playing stuff i wasn’t even interested in in the first place(laughing). Do you know any Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Frusciante riffs/songs by any chance?


    • You sir, just made my day 🙂

  19. Just a follow up. I have learnt more in two weeks from your site, than I have from every other resource in years. I will make a donation via PayPal, worth every cent. My stumbling block always has been how to make music. I can hit any chord mentioned, never had a problem with barre, learnt scales until I was bored stiff, but never once realised how it could be made into music. Plink plink plink. I got rid of my Les Paul as it was doing no work, but recently got hold of a ‘Fat’ Strat, not thinking I’d ever enjoy it. Concentrating on my acoustic and formal classics. The last few weeks I have been able to make the Strat sound like a guitar. I never thought that would happen. Amazing. I have purchased several “How to be a rip lead” lessons from people,
    while interesting, they show how to play the pent scales. Big deal. I can play all of them, sounds boring. The Blues Power Riffs of yours changed my world and rocked my boat. Mate, they are just great. Now I pick up the thing every day, rather than ignoring it. So, everything about your site is so very cool, I am at a loss to describe it. And I passed it on to a few other Ozzies and their response has been the same.

    One request, not important or urgent, as I have a LOT of stuff of your’s I am working through, the AC-DC Back in Black video was awesome. I am working on that. Any chance of a full version of the song?

    Best regards from a 52 yo surf bum and now rocker from Australia. Thanks.


    • Wow, thanks man! I appreciate the kind words. It’s fun thing this guitar, isn’t it? 🙂

  20. Hey, I am a fan of yours and like the way that you explain the songs. I was wondering if you would be willing to put up the song I Told You So by Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis. I love the song and can’t find anyone who can explain it quite right. It would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • I am working on that beautiful song. Expect a video soon 🙂

  21. Thanks for so much great stuff. Much appreciated.

  22. Hey Mojo,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to provide this site for guys like me. I have always wanted to learn to play around the campfire, you are making that possible for me! The only tool I can think that would help would be the words along with the chords that I can print out to follow along with the song. Maybe they are already there and I just haven’t found them yet… I have looked on other sites for the chords, but it would be so much easier to be able to follow along the way you teach the songs.

    I’d also like to thank you for the great explanations and making it so easy to follow along, very thorough…

    I am working on Wonderful Tonight…

  23. hey mojo,
    thanks for the lessons you provide. i just got my first guitar in november and its been a challenge learning it till i found your site and you make so simple for a beginner like me. also id like to know if you might consider doing a few coldplay songs.thanks again for all your giving.
    joe caylor

  24. Hey Mojo,,,such a great thing you have done. Very new to the guitar and after watching your lessons over and over have found great love with the learning proces.. Can I please make a request. Want badly to learn ” Sleeping to Dream” Jason Mraz. Again thank you for your help…

  25. hi
    Great site just started to learn @ 53 been paying for some lessons but learnt more from you in an hour than my 10 week course so far really want to learn the Wonderfull Tonight riff any chance you could write it in email for me i started to but lost yu i write it as 12xD index finger 14xG ring finger etc.Dont mind making a contribution for this as every thing in life cant be free and we need to keep yu going
    When in london give me a shout and pop round for some Drinks

  26. Hey Mojo,

    Love your lessons. They fit my learning style. Is there a change you could do Loggins & Messina’s “Your Mama don’t dance?”


  27. hey mojo, i just gotta say you rock! i have had my guitar for about a year and have not touched in 6 months.tryin to learn from books does not work for me, i just cant stay focused. i finally got tired of seeing it just sit there in the corner so i thought i’d check out youtube. what a surprise when i found you videos, it really inspired me to start over again. now i can barely type cause my fingers hurt so bad, but i love it! thanks a lot for this site and keep up the awesome work! with any luck on my anniversary ill be able to play my wife a song!

  28. Hey Mojo,

    I picked up my first guitar today, so after learning to tune it I went searching for instructional videos.
    I found yours and I aim to learn from the basic cords and upward using your site.

    Many thanks for the site and if you ever find yourself in Liverpool; the drinks are on me.

  29. I’ve been playing guitar for a total of two weeks. Heading to Panama City Beach, FL this week and I decided to search for an easy version of Margaritaville and discovered your YouTube videos, then this site. I spent an hour on Margaritaville this morning and amazingly can already sing and play it. Now I have a total crush on you AND I am craving a French martini all at the same time.

    • P.S. I bought a Luna Guitar and it is just awesome. I highly recommend for anyone who has small hands or trouble wrapping their hand around the neck of an accoustic. Lunas have smaller necks and I love my new guitar!

    • ha ha, that made my day 🙂

  30. very cool dude, got me practicing, jam along videos would be very nice. I’m 56 and been playing for 42 yrs
    get your ya ya’s out!\]
    I would like a medium MAXIMUM difficulty Stephan Stills lesson
    under rated
    but one of the best

  31. Thank you so much for all the great info. I am 46, tried to play 30 years ago but at 16 I didn’t want to play twinkle twinkle and all that crap so I dropped it. Now, all I really want to do is play some songs. I try to work on scales but I am not into writing songs, I simply want to play cause it is relaxing and fun. Your site has helped me to learn new songs right away and I am enjoying the hell out of it. You are awesome. When I can I will donate.

  32. –> You got a fan in Holland! 🙂
    Thanks a lot for your’re video’s, they’ve been a great help to me..We have the same music taste, finally I can play some!
    Don’t know if my neighbours like to hear me sing & play, but I certainly do!

  33. Hi Mojo
    i ´vJürgen had a band in school just at 1973,than i stopped playing guitar.Now ´v found Your guitarlessons on internet.I ´m glad for this.I rebeginn playing guitar now with my old Stratocaster 1957.Many Thanks for Your help to restart.
    Best wishes Juergen from Munich Bavaria (Germany)

  34. Hi Mojo,another fan here who likes the way you teach. I have been trying to switch from classical guitar for years. Ony now do I finally see the way. I have always wanted to play ‘anybody there’ by rainbow. Hope that one day you can teach me how.
    Thanks again fro a really great site.

  35. Mojo,

    You’re awesome. Thanks for doing this site. I have learned a lot. Nexy best thing to playing wth my buddies.

  36. Just a heads up:
    I was a big fan of the Swart AST as well…
    Until I played the Blankenship SSC.
    No tremolo, but the clean/dirty sounds are the best I’ve ever played–a lot more dynamic than the AST.
    Check it out–I would be interested to see a review of it on your site.

  37. New Fan Here,
    I especially like your guitar reviews. I lean heavily toward tele type guitars myself so find your guitar selections pretty cool. I’m very partial to early G&Ls. I also just finished my third guitar build. Nothign like playing something you created.
    How many is too many guitars? Is it a crime to own a guitar and not play it? Is there a cure for GAS?
    Thanks for the great vids.

    • A cure for GAS? God, I hope not! 😉

  38. Mojo,

    I’ve been using your site for a couple of years now both to learn new songs and teach them to others. Back in January of 2009, I noticed at the bottom of the old site that you had a link posted to “Guitars For Vets.” Being that I worked at the St. Louis VA Hospital at that time, I thought that the organization had an intriguing title and so I checked it out. In the weeks that followed, I contacted Dan and Pat of G4V about their program and eventually, we brought it to the St. Louis VA. Since the Fall of 2009, the St. Louis G4V chapter has taken off and given away dozens of guitars to ailing vets, continuing the mission of the guys in Milwaukee. This Thursday, Veteran’s Day, we’re getting our first bit of national press with a story being done on NBC Nightly News. One of the guys I taught will be featured on that story and I used a lot of your material to get him playing. It has changed his life.

    Thanks for supporting Guitars For Vets. Just wanted you to know that something as simple as a link on your site has impacted the lives of many.

    • Thank you so much for this message. I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me.

  39. Mojo
    Thanks for all.
    I am fron Argentina and my english is bad, but I need to say tanks for all, I learn with you.
    Tanks again

  40. Love all your guitar videos. Would you do one for Hallelujah please

    • Ooh, Hallelujah… that’s holy ground right there. I play it regularly, live, but with someone else singing 😉 I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for the kind words!

  41. You have spoke about a number of interesting things in this posting. I found it by using Bing and I have to admit that I am currently subscribed to the site, it is very fine ;D

  42. Do you have the tablature or regular sheet music for any of your tunes such as “Sweet Home Alabama”?

    • No, copyright laws prohibit it

  43. Good day to you, Mojo,
    I’m a new fan from Charlotte,NC, and have to say that this site ROCKS. Thank you for caring and helping more people than you can ever know, play guitar. I’ve recommended this site to my granddaughter..she got a guitar from her folks and wants to play. She’s 9 and if she follows your online suggestions and lessons she’ll get going in no time…Again, Thank You. Inspiration is a wonderful quality

  44. Absolutly totally dig your site man!!
    I’ve learned more from you than anybody else.

    I see you get a countless number of requests and I feel guilty asking,
    but if you are familiar with Bryan Adams “Baby, when your gone”
    I would love to learn it. Without any “F” s. Stupid EFF’s my stupid fingers won’t do it. Is it possible?
    Thanks in advance,
    Cheers man!

  45. Hi Mojo,
    I was browsing on the internet. I just got my guitar two days ago, I have never played it for more than a decade now and I am finding a bit hard to get back into track.

    I wonder if you sell book & video of compilations of the songs with chords in it and if you also include how to do finger picking for every song?

    Many thanks in inticipation.


  46. i was surffing the internet ,looking for guitar lessons and songs i could play,and not get discourage and wala ,,my prayer were answered,u make it easy ,thank u ,and god bless u, ps ,Im intrusted in learing to play the star spangled banner national anthem can u help,,? thanks

  47. Hi Mojo,
    First let me say what a great site, and great job you do at it ! I do have one suggestion though.
    Since I am a beginner and cannot really barre very well, would it be possible for you to group all the songs that are the same chords in one link ?
    For example, all A,D,E songs, regardless of artist or genre. Maybe you already have this feature on the site and I just haven’t figured it out yet.
    Keep up the great work !

  48. I love your site Mojo, such a giving person to provide such a great service for free is inspirational.
    Being very new to guitar I see many songs that I find beyond my ability. Can you recommend a series of songs that you’ve covered that are listed from the easiest to the harder (or hardest), until I get the hang of things. I’m almost finished with Guitar 101 and wonder which songs I should try next (starting with the easiest). Thanks

    • Patrick, thanks for watching the videos, and for your kind words. I am glad that you are finding them to be of value!
      The first song I ever learnt on the guitar was Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, so that would be my recommendation to you.

  49. Mojo,

    I am new to the guitar, finally deciding to try to learn at 53. Your site has been the best thing that I could have found.

    Got a request, if I may be so bold as to ask. I would love to see your simplified version of Toes, by the Zac Brown band.

    Be looking for it along with all of your great content to date that I am working on catching up on.


    • Thanks Preston, I am glad I can be of assistance to you. Keep at it, it only gets to be more fun! As for Toes, that’s a great request. I’m definitely going to make a how to video for that song.

  50. Hi Mojo,
    Big fan of yours. I love surprising my friends with songs that I’ve learned from your videos.

    I have a request – George Canyon does Seven Spanish Angels, it’s a rather easy song… but he ends it in an unusual way with “I’m going home”. I cant figure out the chord progressions of this ending. I know you are good at this. Could you, please?

  51. Mojo,

    I’m developing a line of custom guitars. I’m trying to get the word out, and was wondering if you’d be willing to show some pics of my guitars on your GuitPics page? Or even do a video review??

    Please check out my website and you can get a look at what I’m doing. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks a lot,


    • Jeff, thanks for reaching out. I did send you an email response, I hope you got it. Be well!

  52. Hey Mojo,

    You are providing a great service to so many of us learning to play the guitar. It is truly a thrill to be able to play a song or two with out spending months on theory etc. Your teaching style and sense of humour is very refreshing and very effective. Kudos to you!!

    I was wondering if you could post a lesson some time for the great R.B. Greaves classic “Take A Letter Maria” It only has 4 basic chords (A, D, G, C) but the strumming pattern is proving to be a great challenge. This song sounds very cool on acoustic guitar and I would love to be able to amaze my friends with this one. Campfire season is here!!!

    PS, I love John Prine as well so thank you for the wonderful finger style lessons.

    Big Frank

  53. Mojo,

    Thanks for doing what you do. You are certainly changing the environment even behind prison walls. My son went to prison for a crime he did not commit. But he finds peace in music. I have been sending song lyrics and chords to him which he can now play on his guitar that he just purchased. He is playing and learning the guitar and helping others at the same time. Again thanks. We will be sending donations as soon as we pay off all the lawyers.


    • Thank you for the kind message and sorry to hear about the situation you described. And yes, music can be such a healer. Best thoughts to you and yours!

  54. Mojo,

    Just wanted to leave a comment and say thanks for all of these awesome videos. I have only started to learn guitar for a couple months now and your videos are inspirational and are keeping me motivated that perhaps someday I can play (and sing along) as well as you do. I am slowly getting there. Sometimes it seems like at a snails pace. But like you I don’t want to be a rock star, I just want to be able to sit on my couch, or my front porch or around a campfire and make memorable evenings with my friends and family. It also helps you have similar tastes as me. Oddly enough I had heard of John Prine but never had heard any of his songs. Now he is one of my favorites, so thanks for that as well.

    • John Prine is the man! My personal favorite song writer. Glad you enjoy his music, and glad I was able to bring him a little exposure 🙂

  55. I’m really impressed. It’s the best website to learn how to play good songs.
    If you have the time, can you try to do some Jim croce’s? like “You don’t mess around with Jim”, “Workin at the car wash blues” or my favorite “Bad Bad Leroy Brown”.
    Learning those songs would be the world to me.
    Thanks for this great website.

  56. hey MOJO. I just wanted to let ya know that I have been playing guitar for a long time. I never took a lesson in my life. I just fiddled with the thing all the time and learned a thousand “parts” to a thousand songs. My friends and family ALWAYS told me to take lessons. They say if I took lessons that I would be a pretty good guitar player. Well after finding your websites and learning from you they all think Im taking lessons now. And I can FINALLY play an entire song. Several song for that matter. I have you to thank. I will definately donate to your site as soon as I am able. I will also refer all my guitar playing friends to your site. Thank you so much. You are a cool guy and very generous with your time and talent. thanks again. P.S. Where is your accent from?

  57. Hi Mojo, I got my first Guitar for my birthday 3 days ago and can’t put it down, I am truly addicted to playing, my girl friend got me the guitar as a present, I love the rockabilly sound and was wondering if you could show me how to play Don Woody barking up the wrong tree?

  58. Hey Mojo, your awesome dude, and thanks a million for putting this site up, it helps tremendously. One question though, can you put in your videos th strumming pattern too? I try and try but just cant get it to sound like you do. Im just starting so its a little difficult to see if you are hitting the ups or downs, thanks dude!!!


  59. Hi Mojo,
    my name is Martin and i am from Germany!I am a beginner,but your page “threechordguitar”is a great help.
    the videos are very cool.I´m a great fan of Garth Brooks and George Strait too.
    but i have one wish!
    I think Jason Meadows is cool.can you make 1-2-3 video-lesson?
    Jason Meadows – 1.You Ain’t Never Been to Texas
    2.(if you)Love long enough

  60. Mojo,

    I found you by accident on YouTube and you’ve been an inspiration. I’m hitting 60 and playing bass in a blues band was on my bucket list. Did it, and am enjoying the heck out of experiencing a whole new crowd of people sharing a common love of the blues. Now, I’m trying to learn the guitar. You’ve been a great help. I spend my lunch hour in the office, in front of the computer with my Strat or Tele, working along with you and your licks. Thanks, Jack

    • Jack, thank yo so much for taking the time to share this with me. You made my day.

  61. Three Chord is fantastic. Thanks Mojo.

  62. Great videos, really appreciate them as I’m taking the first steps with a guitar. I live in Lyon now and it doesn’t look like I will have lessons until the summer is over… Vive la France! ;o)

    Keep up the good work!


  63. Hi Mojo

    Ive been watching your vids for the past couple of months and i’ve finally picked up my guitar again which has been gathering dust for the last 10 years or so. I remember i stopped playing because i was sick and tired of playing amazing grace while learning to play (youtube didn’t exist at the time).

    Thanks to you and i’m able to play great songs really quick, the lessons are perfectly explained. It doesn’t sound as good as it should but i’m having loads of fun while practicing.

    So hereby a big THANKS for all your effort.

    • Thanks! You made my day 🙂

  64. Mojo,

    You cajun? I’m trying to pick up your accent Cher’ where you from?

    PS: Just picking up my guitar from 10 plus years ago. Got frustrated and felt so helpless but I’m a have to try this. You make it look easy! 🙂

  65. Hi Mojo

    Your vids are awesome and you sound like a great person! Could you teach us how to play Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton pleeeeeeeease????

  66. Would like to Jam someday together. Let me know if your ever in Calgary or Edmonton Alberta. The site is fresh and your techniques are inspiring. There are very few instructional sites out there that make playing and learning fun. Thanks for all you have done.

  67. You remind me of a dude that was on the USS Saratoga in 1990.

    • I am not that person but I thank him for his service

  68. Mojo –

    Thanks for your time and patience teaching us. Great content and explainations in working through the songs.

    Keep up the good work! How about a couple of Christmas Carols to get us looking good for the families this year?

    Keep up the great job and sharing your talent with others!

    Cheers –

    T Throck

  69. Hey Mojo,
    Thank you for your website, it is my opinion that it is the best site on the web for even guys like me to learn something new that I would not have otherwise have picked up on. I have a song request and that is the blues intro of Colin James “Just Came Back”. I know you are a busy man but I hope to see it someday if you can post it.
    Thanks again for your great site,
    Herman Burke

  70. Hi…
    I’ve just discovered you today on YouTube and already have watched a dozen of your ukulele videos, and a few guitar videos too. I’m hooked!
    Your baritone uke seems to be tuned to GCEA. Did you buy special strings to do this? or are you using standard strings with greater tension? Any advice on this is appreciated.
    Also, I’m looking for any advice on purchasing a baritone uke, so if you have any reviews, please let me know.
    Thank you for your videos. I can’t wait to show them to my two daughters, who are also taking up the ukulele.

    • Hi! Thanks for the kind words and for watching the videos. Glad you find some value in them!
      I never changed the strings on that uke so I can’t answer one way or another. I would recommend talking to the guys at http://www.Buckdancers.com if you were to have questions. They’re who I talk to when I do 🙂

  71. Hello Mojo! I just recently stumbled onto one of your video’s for U 2’S One.And i have to say i just picked up the old Bently after about a 3 year hiatus and started fooling around again.Never was that good but i can fake my way thru quite a few songs………I must say the way you teach has been a breath of fresh air from most of the folks on youtube.Very easyily explained and it seems as if your teaching the song and not trying to teach me how to play guitar!Just getting those fingertips back in shape is a chore (ouch)!Thank you very much I’ll visit often!

    P.S. If i could make a request it would be Todd rundgren’s Can we still be friends………Thanks again!

    • Those callouses come back fast, but in the mean time, ouch indeed! 🙂
      Thanks for the kind message. Keep at it!

  72. MoJo, I picked up a guitar for the first time this Thanksgiving at age 38. You taught me how to sing and play “Still make Cheyenne” in less then a week. Would you be interested in shooting a video for “Louisiana Saturday Night?” Kids request. Great site man!

  73. hey can you post a video on how to play blues man by hank williams jr or alan jackson? i would appreciate it thanks..

  74. Mojo-You are a GREAT help to me. You are part of the inspiration for my own brand-new country song writing. I can’t sing, but I can write (at least I think!).

    My first album was just released on AmazonMP3 and ITunes and it is called Those You Left Behind. Royalties are being donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in my Mom’s memory.

  75. Like your videos, How about some Hank Williams Jr. ( Blues man )

  76. Hi Mojo you are the perfect teacher for me.Just found your site today.I am 88 years of age and just picked up my guitar after not playing for 67 years WOW.I was in the Canadian Air force WW2 and used to sit on my bunk and play a few tunes.You are making me feel young again Thanks again. Harvey W

  77. hi mojo great resource
    any chance of Brothers in arms by Dire strights please

  78. Im really enjoying the site! Very informational and i have been on daily, the only suggestion i have is that strumming patterns be covered a little more. I am in the beginner stages and dont quite have the ear for it. Thanx for all you do!

  79. hi mojo
    i am from africa(ethiopia) i like music i see your video you are cool i am 17 years old one day i will be best guitarist but………………..

    ok bay mojo i like you one day i am the same to you

  80. just got on your website. Great job guys!!!!! You make it simple to learn! i’m a fan now!!!!!

    • Thanks! Mighty glad to have ya! Now pass the word, would ya? 🙂

  81. where am I supposed to donate. I am going to cancel my subscription to another site as I find this much more user friendly as I am just starting out. Actually about a year and I still do not know how to strum. Also it would be helpful to me if you have a place to show easy transition between chords.Very helpful and I am grateful that you take the time to do this for those of us that need help. I am 62 yr old female and really want to learn to play before I check out. Thanks Vikki

    • Thanks Vikki! I’m glad you’re finding this site useful 🙂
      Donations can take place via Paypal. The address to send it to is mojo@mojocaster.com
      Thanks again!

  82. Mojo, great website. Ur the new guy In our house. I have u on the I-pad in the kitchen where all the activity is. Everyone stops to watch u sing & play. I started playing again after 20 yrs. I couldn’t get it back then & got discouraged. Your so easy to follow. Im learning a lot. Having fun! Many Thanks. Hey do you know song Broke Down by Slaid Cleaves? If so would love to see a teaching video.


  83. Hey Mojo

    I have to tell you i have watched alot of your videos, I truly appricitate what you are doing for us newbies trying to learn songs. You can take a song that seems like a mountain and make it look like a mole hill. You have no idea how much you take the frustration out of trying to learn guitar. You are truly gifted.

    A heart felt thank you.

    • These kind words could not have come at a better time, and for that I thank you profusely.

  84. Mojo,

    Thank you for your time and dedication in making the videos. 55yr old perpetual beginner but your teaching style gives me great hope and inspiration. Keep up the strummin’

    Randy Ashford

  85. Mojo man,
    Thank you for all of your web generosity, and effort, and humanity.
    Below, I have failed to upload my Anderson (TAG) PDF order sheet, but I am trying to component order a Classic T

    Below is excerpts of mails bet myself and Scott at Harmonic Designs,
    Can you help at all with advice, or better, questions for me to help narrow down the choices for model i order, please?
    Thank you,
    Seán Windrim

    Vintage Plus Tele pickups will do what you want in the tone.-and to some extent, regardless of the guitar-(they could be be put to good use on any Tele-Style guitar.)

    In my experience, hollow or chambered guitars have less of the ‘solidbody’ midrange emphasis from the bridge pickup, which ends up sounding thinner than a solidbody, while the neck pickups have a deeper bass response— so to the degree it’s hollow, that creates more ‘difference’ between the neck and bridge pickups.-the bridge gets a bit thin, the neck gets a fatter/ deeper bass….
    i have met Tom, -but you’d have to check with him and see that he’s amenable to installing the HD pickups. -if you buy pickups here we can certainly ship them to him, -no problem with that.

    At 07:07 PM 4/29/2013, you wrote:
    > Hi Scot,
    > I am ordering a Tele type guitar from Tom Anderson Guitarworks.
    > My present thoughtset is in the PDF attached.
    > I am not sure about solidbody vs hollow.
    > Two people have advised against a hollow body because they say it will blur and make the tone non-tele.
    > I am also undecided about 2 vs 3 pickups, but feel that a pair of Harmonic Design Vintage plusses might be plenty.
    > The trem arm may also go.
    > What I’m trying to do is make a lightweight, very melodic sounding guitar that looks and sounds like a Telecaster,
    > but does not have too much country, or earpiercing Bridge tones, – more warm than overbright.
    > Can the vintage Plus P/U’s be put in a Classic T?
    > Does Tom Anderson ever work with you, or put in your pickups, – even on a special order basis?
    > Sorry about how vague, and up in the air this is, but I’ve got to start somewhere!
    > Any help, or advice you can give would be appreciated.
    > Thank you for your time and thought,> Yours sincerely,
    > Seán Windrim.Vintage Plus Tele pickups will do what you want in the tone.-and to some extent, regardless of the guitar-(they could be be put to good use on any Tele-Style guitar.)

    In my experience, hollow or chambered guitars have less of the ‘solidbody’ midrange emphasis from the bridge pickup, which ends up sounding thinner than a solidbody, while the neck pickups have a deeper bass response— so to the degree it’s hollow, that creates more ‘difference’ between the neck and bridge pickups.-the bridge gets a bit thin, the neck gets a fatter/ deeper bass….
    i have met Tom, -but you’d have to check with him and see that he’s amenable to installing the HD pickups. -if you buy pickups here we can certainly ship them to him, -no problem with that.

    At 07:07 PM 4/29/2013, you wrote:
    > Hi Scot,
    > I am ordering a Tele type guitar from Tom Anderson Guitarworks.
    > My present thoughtset is in the PDF attached.
    > I am not sure about solidbody vs hollow.
    > Two people have advised against a hollow body because they say it will blur and make the tone non-tele.
    > I am also undecided about 2 vs 3 pickups, but feel that a pair of Harmonic Design Vintage plusses might be plenty.
    > The trem arm may also go.
    > What I’m trying to do is make a lightweight, very melodic sounding guitar that looks and sounds like a Telecaster,
    > but does not have too much country, or earpiercing Bridge tones, – more warm than overbright.
    > Can the vintage Plus P/U’s be put in a Classic T?
    > Does Tom Anderson ever work with you, or put in your pickups, – even on a special order basis?
    > Sorry about how vague, and up in the air this is, but I’ve got to start somewhere!
    > Any help, or advice you can give would be appreciated.
    > Thank you for your time and thought,
    > Yours sincerely,
    > Seán Windrim.

  86. Bonjour Mojo,
    I just discovered your web site via your youtube video about the roland microcube. It’s great. I cant wait to get home and start learning some new songs. As a newcomer to the guitar, I can certainly use the help your videos will provide.

    Philippe, Quebec

  87. I have tried to sign up and am told I will be sent a confirmation e-mail, but it never shows up. Is there a problem or what?

  88. Just left a comment and tried again.to sign up. this time it came through. At the age of 66, I am still pluggin away. I really dig this site. THANX. so much. Rand

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