PR: Two more blues riffs in “E”

December 13, 2010

Free guitar video lesson: how to play blues riffs in the key of “E”.



  1. How do you make it look so eazy to play.

    • Beats me, it doesn’t come easy to me! I guess hours of practice over years of fun? Here’s my favorite, #1 “trick” to learning to play the guitar, and I stole it from Mark Knopfler, no less… Turn on the TV, turn off the sound, grab a guitar and start playing. After about 10 seconds, you forget you’re playing, and you stop getting into your own way. Before you know it, you stumble upon a cool riff, or you finally nail some line you’ve been working on, etc… never fails.

  2. like to find out how to make my telecaster sound better it is fender telecaster made in mexico. i know that it want sound as good as your’s but may be you could give me a few pointers on how to set my amps. i have a peavey keyboard and acoustic and roland micro cube also have a digitech rp70 guitar processor thank you. billy

  3. So I am brand new and I have been looking around. Looks like a good post for you to make for people like me would be “Who are you when I’m not looking” by Joe Nichols/Blake Shelton. Three chords and you keep the same chords for long periods of time. I would appreciate it. Thanks Mojo

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